Sunday, July 18, 2010

Makeup lesson for Polly and Mingzi

Had a makeup session for Polly and Mingzi @ my house.. Taught them the basic makeup skills and steps.. They practise on 1 side of their eye and this is the power of makeup..

Model: Polly

Model: Ming Zi

Their eyes become bigger with fake eyelashes, eyeliner and eyeshadows..
I'm impressed by the makeup.. =)

NDP makeup

Participated this year NDP makeup for the choir students and dancers.. It was quite tiring, but a fun experience interacting with the younger generation.. :)

My ugly NDP pass

The 1st student that i makeup for

Like the colour i put for this student

Thanx her for her compliment!

My working table..

Fireworks! Happy 45th birthday Singapore!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Yixian NUS Graduation

Did makeup for Yixian 2day for her graduation ceremony..

Model: Yixian

Model: Yixian
Did her evening dinner 4 her too..

Estee Lauder damage

This is the damage i had during the Estee Lauder makeup workshop on Monday.. :)

I bought their Double Wear Light Liquid Foundation, TurboLash Mascara, Double Wear Eyeliner Pencil and Lipstick. With these damages, i got a number of free gifts, such their skincare products, eyelash primer, lipgloss, mascara and makeup remover. Satisfied! =)

Drop by kino after the workshop since im alr in town. Haha.. Just an excuse 2 c the magazines.. Hee..
Bought MORE japanese magazine which comes with a free makeup bag from maybelline new york.

Jus simply love the red heart-shaped prints of the makeup bag.. :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Estee Lauder Makeup Workshop

Went to the Estee Lauder makeup workshop @ Paragon Metro with Norra. Learnt many useful tips in applying makeup which are different in those i learnt fr sch..

All the makeup brushes fr Estee Lauder

Lipgloss, Lipstick, Eyeshadows, Blusher

They've gd automatic eyebrow pencil.. Very gd eyebrow effects.. Like natural brow hair

Their pencil eyeliner comes with a smudger that can make smoky eyes effect..

After the 2hrs makeup workshop..

Trying the smoky eyes look..

Norra with smoky eyes look..

We had fun during the workshop and pick up lotsa makeup tips.. I don't mind attending another one nx time.. :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Makeup lesson @ Melva's house

We had a makeup session @ Melva's house this afternoon...

Before photo of Melva                                    

Half-face makeup
After makeup of Melva... wheetwoowheet...

Model: Melva
She look so cute... haha...

Model: Malerie
I only fix her false eyelashes n draw her eyebrow. The rest credits to peiqing.


Model: Nora
Like ur eyeshadow colours.. sorry nv put much eyeliner for you.. =p

Model: Yana
Simple pink eyeshadow with false eyelashes

Model: Jessica
Credits: Peiqing

Model: Peiqing
She did her own makeup...

Model: Yiting
Credits: Nora
Tried my Dolly Wink top and bottom eyelashes.. =)